Health and Safety

Making sites safer for both our site visitors and our employees, cuts costs and saves time for all parties.

Brown Drainage & Construction is committed to ensuring the construction site is safe for both its employees and subcontractors. Also, to ensure motorists and general public pass through the site safely, with minimal delay. Brown Drainage & Construction adopts a proactive management approach to ensure the health and safety of employees, subcontractors, the general public and motorists. We are committed to implementing policies and processes that meet the requirements of the HASE Act 1992, HASE regulations 1993, Amendment Act 2002 and regulations.

Brown Drainage & Construction takes practical steps to identify and control hazards on the work site and ultimately this ensures the pedestrians and motorists pass through the site safely with minimal delay or disruption.

Mike Draper co-ordinates the Health and Safety procedures at Brown Drainage & Construction and will undertake the site audits as defined in the site safety plan. We hold toolbox meetings weekly or sooner if a new hazard is identified. A comprehensive Health and Safety site specific plan is detailed and a copy is always on hand in the site office for all projects.

Through our commitment to Health and Safety we have reduced the number of lost time injuries from 2 in 2000/2001 to nil to date.