Protecting Our Environment

Working in Drainage & Construction is an opportunity to help Enhance the Environment.

side1Brown Drainage & Construction are committed to ensuring that all work undertaken in any relation to their Company is ethical and sustainable. While the population grows so fast it is imperative that our local infrastructure ‘keeps up with the pace’ and continues to protect our environment.

Brown Drainage and Construction have proven capabilities in civil work particularly in watermain reticulation, stormwater and sewer construction, utility service reticulation and associated concrete structures. We understand the importance of our involvement in Enhancing the Environment for local Communities and take pride in doing so in the most effective methods possible, through our long standing family orientated Company.

There is a clear vision and management plan in place at Brown Drainage & Construction to move forward and grow with the environment and communities needs. We are focused on developing the infrastructure and systems within our business to improve outcomes in our projects and in turn, enhance environments for the people that live in our working area.

On most projects we are involved in high environmental risk situations, therefore we understand the importance of undertaking projects in compliance with the environmental plan or resource consents. We have a responsible and proactive attitude to protecting the local environment and work closely with the Environment Waikato personnel.

To date no legal action or abatement notices have been issued to Brown Drainage & Construction by any controlling authority for a breach of the Resource Management Act. This is something we are very proud of and have a commitment to maintaining.